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Monday, January 11, 2016
By Ron Rosenzweig
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Staging A Home Creates Value, Sell Faster & Sell Higher 



Savvy home owners, realtors and building contractors know that properly staging a house for sale will allow them to sell the property faster and at a higher price. This is a proven strategy that applies a skilled eye and an experienced sense of interior design. To create an engaging wow factor the entire property needs assessment from exterior curb appeal to interior furnishings, paint and finishes. 

A beautiful estate home in an exclusive neighborhood in South Florida sat vacant for more than a year when veteran realtor Denice Sexton of Lost Tree Realty in Palm Beach Gardens took over the listing of the property . In accessing the property and creating a marketing plan for selling the home Denise hired me to create some architectural quality images to get the home on the market as soon as possible. High quality photography is a key component in any real estate presentation. 

Within a short period of time the home was staged with quality furnishings and accessories and most importantly the interior was repainted to more appealing neutral colors. The exterior was pressure cleaned and landscape trimmed to a neat appearance. I was called in again to reshoot the interior. This interior design photography session resulted in some dramatic before and after shots that showcase the need for staging (See before and after photos below). Within 60 days the furnished home was sold for the asking price ( above market value) and the property is now in the hands of a new owner who loves the updates. 

This is just one of thousands of testimonies making the case for properly staging a home to sell the property quicker and at a higher price. Witness the majority of home renovation programs on HGTV that take vacant or aging homes in need of updating and staging that result in amazing transformations that create value.  

Kristen Knudsen, an interior designer and staging expert suggests engaging a professional to properly stage a home for creating an appealing presentation that sells the home quicker and for more money. Kristen explains "Home Staging used to be an option. In today's market it is a necessity when selling your home. The investment of staging your home properly by a professional  adds value that will return to you at the sale.." Visit Kristen's website to see some dramatic before and after comparisons or call her at the number below.

Home Staging and Interior Design by Kristen Knudsen Designs     772-584-1315


If you are in the market to sell of purchase a luxury home contact Denice Sexton at Lost Tree Realty:

For professional architectural Photography you can reach Ron Rosenzweig:  772-919-2299.






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